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Volume V

Volume V, Number 1This just in: Maynard G. Krebs was right; Arizona may have Sheriff Joe Arpaio, but …; Miss Burnside’s Dilemma: Part 5. I am finally going to catch up on the story, the remarkably good tale that turns on a fine point of the law of wills; Only two years after it was published, a Killing Lincoln, by Bill O’Reilly, may get a thoughtful analysis, but not from me. From me it gets a justly deserved diatribe. The one good thing I can say about O’Reilly is … jeez, I can’t think of one.

Volume IV

Volume IV, Number 4 Charitable Intentions – Uncharitable Results (Mary Alice Jackson explains the practical problems of being charitable, under the rubric about where good intentions can take you.); Long Term Care Insurance: This Just In (From someone in the business, something to note.); Miss Burnside’s Dilemma: Part 4 The fourth installment of a tale that turns on a nice point of the law of wills; The Lincoln Box A change of pace starring a Lincolnesque, if short, figure.

Volume IV, Number 3 Doctors’ End of Life Choices – and Ours – Differences in views on end of life choices; the difference between a court and a playground is … The Arizona Court of Appeals says there are rules of conduct and fairness that help us with our own minor failings; Miss Burnside’s Dilemma by Cyril Hare – (This is the third installment of a short story)

Volume IV, Number 2 – Talking to Someone With Dementia. (How to maximize comfort and safety and maintain sanity living and working with individuals with dementia.) “Miss Burnside’s Dilemma,” by Cyril Hare. (This is the second installment of a short story.)

Volume IV, Number 1 – News from the World of Finance – Some Good, Some Bad. (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau launched web site for helping consumers finding answers to basic questions.) “Miss Burnside’s Dilemma,” by Cyril Hare. (This is the first installment of a delicious short story that turns on a nice point of law. And well told.)

Volume III

Volume III, Number 5 – Finance Industry Self-Regulator Warns About Use of “Senior Advisor” Designations. (A survey shows people’s misunderstanding of the designations.) Medicare Open-Enrollment Ends December 7th (Even if you are satisfied with your plan in 2011, you still need to review your plan options for 2012.)

Volume III, Number 4a – OK – Let’s Debate! (Exchange on the topic from the article from previous Landsman’s Lagniappe Liberals imagine a better future – Conservatives imagine a better past.)

Volume III, Number 3 – Will or trust? that is the question.

Volume III, Number 2 – Pay the Help!!!!! (Among other reasons – to avoid problems with Medicaid if you or a family member needs long term care); Don’t Sign That Living Will!!!!! … Without reading this …

Volume III, Number 1 – Preserve Medicaid for Seniors – Share Your Story; Beware Elderlaw Scaremongers; Special Needs Trusts – The Basics for Non-Specialized Professionals and Concerned Families – Part I

Volume II

Volume II, Number 9 – More on Long Term Care Insurance – Some very interesting comments; Success with D.C. Medicaid, Again – Agency Accepts Legality of “Gift and Return” Strategy

Volume II, Number 8 – The End of Long Term Care Insurance As We Know It? If It Is, Is that a Good Thing or a Bad Thing?

Volume II, Number 7 – Estate Taxes, Crystal Balls and What Might Happen This Year and Why?; How not to select an elder law attorney …. from the “Guide to Retirement Living”

Volume II, Number 6 Maryland to pay $16 Million and Comply with the Law!; What I talked about at the SNT Workshop

Volume II, Number 5 – How are Nursing Homes, Private Schools and Ku Klux Klan chapters all alike?; Planning for Your Disabled Child – A non-Letterman List of Ten (plus One) Things to Do

Volume II, Number 4 – There will always be a Mississippi (“I am against it … but … I am for it. This is my stand. I will not retreat from it. I will not compromise.”); An elder law topic, finally – Medicare Part C

Volume II, Number 3 The Bright Light of Plagiarism – The Story Corps and Gran Torino on Talking to Elderly Parents (Dealing with trying to persuade elderly parent to move from the home into assisted living); The utility of end-of-life care counseling (A reasoned discussion about end-of-life counseling); Abraham Lincoln and Rick Blaine (Lincoln’s ability to act on reality)

Volume II, Number 2 – This just in ….Elderly pilot averts catastrophe in New York … (Value of experience in profession – lead in to Part Two of “How to Pick a Lawyer, or Not.”) and “Never trust anyone under 60″ or “How to Pick a Lawyer, or Not – Part Two”

Volume II, Number 1 – “Never trust anyone under 50″ (About the limits of expertise) and How to Pick a Lawyer – Part One

Volume I

Volume I, Number 8 – “Never trust anyone under 50″ (A lead-in to next issue’s lead story – how to choose a lawyer.) and The Economic Stimulus Package (A review of the details of the economic stimulus package enacted by Congress.)

Volume I, Number 7 – Smith v. McCann: Maryland has to comply with Federal law, and its own procedures, if it is to limits its obligation to enable Medicaid recipients to pay for medical services they got before eligibility.

Volume I, Number 6 – What is the relation between probate and probation? Does it explain why we have probate? What is probate, anyway?

Volume I, Number 5 – Announcement: I Have Stopped Practicing Medicine (Law of medical decisions – giving advice on medical decision-making.)

Volume I, Number 4 – The $69.50 Certified Deed – Scam or Rip-off? (What is wrong with the offer?)

Volume I, Number 3 – Simple Security Steps (Actions to do with respect to identity theft or credit card fraud.)

Volume I, Number 2 – When someone has died – turning back to the mundane (Dealing with issues after death, such as pensions, insurance, credit cards and bank accounts.)

Volume I, Number 1 – Should you sign a nursing home admission agreement for your mother? (What to do to minimize that risk?)