Elder Law

Elder Law

Elder law covers a broad array of issues that affect the aging population.  Among them are: estate planning; Medicaid; guardianship; conservatorship; and various other issues relating to the older adult.  In essence, elder law encompasses almost every legal issue an elderly client may face.  An elder law attorney has, in addition to legal expertise, an understanding of the unique needs of seniors and the difficulties that often accompany the aging process.  Elder law attorney services extend to encompass advocacy, advisement, planning and education in a manner that adequately reflects the circumstances of their clients.

An attorney experienced in elder law matters can assist clients in planning for the future. In guiding families through the complex issues of elder law – whether they be asset protection or dealing with long term care issues – the elder law attorney understands the challenges faced by their clients.  It is important to note, though, that most elder law attorneys do not practice in all areas of elder law.  One will want to hire an attorney that handles matters in the area of your concern and who understands the interrelated nature of the issues at hand.

Ron Landsman deals with a number of issues and can be particularly helpful to those who are having trouble navigating the qualification needs for Nursing Home care through Medicaid.  Careful planning is a necessity and can be very worthwhile, especially if taken care of well in advance.

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